Duck Prosciutto - 4 oz

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This nitrate-free naturally cured duck prosciutto can be eaten right out of the package if you don’t feel like cooking anything.

[1] 4 oz Duck Prosciutto in a vacuum sealed pack

No artificial ingredients or preservatives, simply:
Vital Mission Farm Duck Breasts
Brown Sugar

You can make your own charcuterie boards and enjoy as an entree or appetizer with friends in addition to a salad topping. Thinly sliced duck prosciutto, cheese, grapes, crackers, and a mango chutney is what dreams are made of. If you heat up the duck prosciutto in a hot pan to firm it up, it also works great as a bacon substitute.

Our Regenerative Ducks are raised outside on pasture 24/7 where they are free to forage on grass and bugs. Fresh air, sunshine, and a healthy diet keep our birds healthy so we never have to use antibiotics or medications. Our poultry is 10-100 times greater in essential vitamins and minerals compared to commercially raised birds to regenerate your health and body. We use the duck manure as an asset to fertilize our grasses and trees to sequester more carbon in the soil and reverse climate change.